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 Naturealm was founded in 2015.
We've always known that mushrooms are supremely healthy foods, and we've always enjoyed them immensely and felt great after eating them.
But many species of premium, gourmet mushrooms are rare and hard to find in grocery stores, and other species of medicinal mushrooms aren't practical to incorporate into culinary pursuits.
Foraging was a hobby of ours, and while fun and exciting, it didn't always yield enough to let us consume the kinds of mushrooms we wanted in the frequency we wanted.
We understood the enormous health benefits of mushrooms and we wanted to incorporate them into our lives to become stronger, smarter, and healthier. Despite our best efforts, we really couldn't find any medicinal mushroom supplements on the market we were willing to use every day.
So we went to work learning the ins and outs of mushroom cultivation, extraction, and the marketplace as a whole, and developing relationships with the best growers we could find.
The rest is history!
Needless to say, we actually use our own products every day. They’re an actualization of what we believe supplements should be - sustainable, natural, and nutrient-dense. We love them, and we know you will too.


Brandon and Kevin, brothers and cofounders of Naturealm. Brandon is a true naturalist and long-time mushroom forager - he's the 'shroom guru. No, he won't tell you his secret spots. Kevin has a pre-med background and is passionate about nutrition, holistic wellness, and the fusion of Eastern and Western medicine. 



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