What the Heck is Happening to Mushroom Supplements?

What the Heck is Happening to Mushroom Supplements?

As we sometimes do, we recently surveyed the ever-growing mushroom supplement market to see what kinds of new competition were cropping up. We were horrified at what we saw... 


Excuse our tone, but what the heck is happening to the mushroom supplement industry? 

The ordinary mushroom supplement user probably isn't acutely aware of how to spell each of the Latin names of the mushrooms they take. Maybe they should be, and fast.

Everything underlined on this label is spelled wrong. Feel free to google the underlined Latin names, and google will surely return with "Did you mean [correctly spelled name]?"

Half of the names of the mushrooms in this product are misspelled. Does this product actually contain any mushrooms at all? I doubt it! Is it safe for consumption? I wouldn’t consume this if you paid me.

OK, so there’s one terrible product out there. Big deal. 

No. We found this EXACT SAME label and many close variations on dozens of other products! There is an absolute slew of them between Amazon and Facebook ads. Something weird is going on.

Which shady, morally-bankrupt “supplier” is dishing out this fake label full of misspellings to the countless fly-by-night grifter companies who are willing to buy it? 

The whole thing is discouraging. It’s sad that mushrooms have gone the way of CBD. We’re not anti-CBD; it’s just that the CBD market has gotten insanely spammy and full of misleading marketing, false claims, and fake products. 

It’s unfortunate that so many consumers read or hear about mushrooms, but can’t do the proper due diligence on the products they’re putting in their bodies

It seems that many consumers assume that if something’s for sale on Amazon or Facebook then it must be safe and legitimate at least to some degree. Not even close.

It’s never been easier to start a generic supplement company. Any used car salesman can google ingredient wholesalers, purchase their turnkey products, label, packaging and all, and they’re off the races. 

We’re not saying that every supplement company who offers a mushroom product has to share our passion for mushrooms. It’s understandable to want to add mushrooms to your product line because you realize they’re healthy and people want them. 

But at least have the decency to buy them from a reputable, high-quality supplier. And for goodness sake, at least spell them right!

Having them all spelled wrong is extremely concerning. If there’s that little effort being put into the label (marketing is the only thing these companies even have to do), then there’s definitely no effort to ensure the quality of those ingredients. 

It’s more important than ever to make sure the supplements you’re using are from companies with integrity. Labels like the one pictured here are likely not made by companies with integrity.

Hopefully consumers continue to become more educated about mushrooms and gain the ability to see through low-quality, copy & paste mystery products like these.

Until then we'll keep offering products we painstakingly formulated and developed ourselves because we saw real value in them. Products that are produced in cGMP facilities and subject to all of the rigors of high-end organic certifications and extremely stringent, upstanding copackers. Products we actually use ourselves every day. Products with correctly spelled Latin mushroom names.

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