Mushroom supplements as nature intended

Our mission is to create mushroom supplements the way nature intended. We aim to improve everyday life through the natural power of mushrooms. 

About Us

Our story 

Curiosity led us to mushrooms in 2015. As foragers, we were passionate about mushrooms and the way they breathe life into nature. We felt great after eating them. And we noticed a difference when we couldn’t regularly consume the mushrooms that made us feel so good.

It’s not easy to find most species on grocery shelves. Moreso, some medicinal mushrooms don’t have any culinary purpose but are still great for our health. So we set out to find a mushroom supplement that we felt good using every day. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we created it. Our products are 100% mushrooms as nature intended: pure, nutrient-dense, and sustainable.

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