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We create mushroom supplements the way nature intended: pure, nutrient-dense, and sustainable.

Improve everyday life through the natural power of mushrooms. 

  • 1. No Fillers or Additives

    Unlike most mushroom supplements on the market, our mushroom extracts contain 100% fruiting bodies, are organic and non-GMO, and have no fillers or grains.

  • 2. Easy & Delicious to Use

    Our Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder is tasty and has an airy texture that's easy to mix with drinks and food. Our tinctures, with their light flavor, can be added to anything or taken by mouth.

  • 3. Healthier & Happier

    In a recent survey, 83% of responders said they use Naturealm because it makes them healthier, it boosts their immunity, and is higher quality than other mushroom brands. 

The Fruiting Body vs. Mycelium in Mushrooms

Just like an apple tree, mushrooms have parts that are better for you. The fruiting body of a mushroom is like the apple, packed with good stuff. It's the part you see above ground. The mycelium is like the roots and soil, not as beneficial.

So, supplements made from 100% fruiting bodies, or the 'apples', are better for you than ones made from the 'roots and soil,' or the mycelium.

That's why we only use 100% fruiting bodies. They are truly mushrooms the way nature intended.

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